What Is Beard Druff? (Beard Dandruff)

What Is Beard Druff? (Beard Dandruff)

Ever been in a meeting and your boss asks you a question in front of the team? As you’re thinking, you scratch your beard. And bam! White flakes fall off your beard and onto your shirt, computer, in your cup of coffee, or worse yet – onto the person next to you?

Gross. And embarrassing. And very real. MILLIONS of guys actually suffer from itchy, flaky skin underneath their beards. It’s like dandruff – of your beard.

It can even make you feel like you don’t have good hygiene, even if you do. That’s why many guys end up shaving off their beards instead of growing the longer, fuller, thicker beards men really want.


Simply put, Beard Druff (aka beard dandruff) is dry, flaky skin underneath your beard. Those loose, dry skin cells flake off at the base of the facial hair follicles and take up residence on your beard and clothing…and…everywhere. It is essentially the same dry, flaky skin you can get on your scalp, except it’s happening on your face, to the skin under your beard. This can happen even if you don’t typically have skin problems. Having beard dandruff can also cause itching in your beard and further irritation.

Beard Dandruff Close-up

DEARD DRUFF - Loose, dry, flaky skin cells caused by dry, irritated skin

What Causes Beard Dandruff

Several things may cause dreaded beard dandruff:

Causes of Beard Dandruff


  • Dry skin  when the skin underneath your beard does not get enough moisture and exfoliation
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis –  sounds like a mouthful but it’s actually a rash that causes red, scaly, greasy skin and is the most common cause of beard druff.
  • Malassezia a buildup of yeast (a type of fungus) that typically grows on your skin when there is excess oil which may be a result of not washing your beard with the right products. This condition cannot be cured, but can be treated.
  • Climate changescold, dry weather and hot, humid climates can heighten dry, flaky skin

Here’s the good news – beard druff can be treated. And no – you don’t have to shave your beard!


Exfoliate your beard

The first step in every guy’s beard care routine is to remove dead skin cells on the face, under your beard. This can easily be done by first massaging your beard to loosen any dead skin cells, then with a soft-medium bristle beard brush, brush the hair to help remove the dead skin cells and help distribute natural oils from your skin onto your beard’s hair follicles.

Wash your beard

 FACT: Your beard has more germs than a dog. Yep, you read right. Studies show that dogs are cleaner than the average man’s beard. You seriously need to wash your beard daily. And NO, not with shampoo! One of the most common mistakes made with beard care is using regular soap, body wash or shampoo on your beard. Your beard requires special moisturizing, cleansing and protein-based ingredients to keep your hair looking thick and full, and help both hair and skin feel healthy, nourished and balanced.

Moisturize your beard

  • This is a critical step in getting rid of beard druff. Not only do you need to moisturize your beard, you also need to moisturize your skin underneath the beard. Proper moisturization helps rehydrate, soften and protect your skin and beard hair after cleansing. The skin under your beard and the beard follicles need healthy, natural oils that won’t clog pores, leave residue or irritate skin. Massaging in a few drops of beard oil on your skin and working through to ends of hair will help soften hair, reduce breakage, prevent future beard druff and promote that fuller, thicker beard you want!

beard oil mousturizer

In a nutshell

Beard dandruff is real and a very common problem – one that can interfere with your journey to having a full, thick, healthy-looking beard. But luckily, it’s easy to treat beard dandruff with the help of a simple, effective routine.

A routine that doesn’t involved shaving off your beard! So, you can finally ditch the itch…and the flakes!

Take it easy dudes

-Drew Plotkin (Chief Dude Officer)


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    A decent beard shampoo followed by beard oil treatment will wipe out beard dandruff in a week.

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