Benefit of Using Biotin Beard Spray for Hair Growth

Benefit of Using Biotin Beard Spray for Hair Growth


What is it?

Why do you need it to grow a mega beard?

And what are the benefits of using a biotin beard spray to help get you a full-on kick-ass Viking beard that has the peasant running for shelter as you sack their village?

First things first, dude.

★★★★★ 4.8/5

Biotin Beard Growth Spray - 2PK


Biotin Molecule Structure

Biotin is the official name of vitamin B-7. It’s an essential building block for keratin and is vital to your body processing fats, carbs, and protein. You’ll find biotin naturally in foods such as eggs, bananas, nuts, milk, spinach, and oats.

All these foods, by the way, are natural mega beard boosters, so be sure to cram biotin-rich foods into your face whenever you chow down... You’ll see and feel the difference with smart healthy biotin-rich foods.

Biotin Rich Foods

And don’t worry if eggs and bananas gross you out or you have texture issues. Just enjoy our super yummy, Biotin Beard Growth Gummies daily for an instant power boost of 10,000 mcg’s biotin.


Biotin helps your body produce keratin, a major protein and building block of beard hair and hair in general. Keratin is also found in your skin and nails. Dude, this means that at the same time your beard starts looking thicker and fuller, your skin will start to glow like the gods of Mount Olympus. (Ok we may have exaggerated juuuust a bit re Mount Olympus!) But seriously, we love biotin because it not only helps promote healthy hair growth and a healthier-looking beard, but it’s also great for your skin. So it really is a super-hero ingredient with multiple benefits.

Biotin can help promote the growth of your active hair follicles, but also, it can help awaken the beard follicles that have been lying dormant.

More active beard follicles = a thicker, fuller, more kick-ass looking beard.

(Yeah we call that, ‘Dude Math 101. Your welcome dude)


The other great thing about biotin is that it’s a water-soluble vitamin, which means that any excess biotin in your body gets flushed out when you take a leak. Now does this mean you should go eat 100tons of Biotin tomorrow and expect a Viking beard? Well…no. You’ll be busy getting your stomach pumped and end up on some reality show for the stupidest obscene flagrant abuse of a supplement.

Point being, full, thick, strong healthier-looking beards are always part of a smart, sensible beard regiment you stick with daily and use as directed. There is always someone willing to sell you snake oil with promises of VIKING BEARDS OVERNIGHT.   If that is what you are looking for, good luck, but that is not Derm Dude. Real natural sensible beard growth should be measured in 30-day increments.


We suggest using it a few times per day as needed. For best results, start by applying Mega Beard Growth Oil in the morning right after your shower. You can also use Biotin beard spray after your oil, but many dudes carry the biotin spray w them and use the spray to refresh and hydrate 2-3 times a day along the way. Your beard and face should feel alive and invigorated and super hydrated each time you spray. And the best part of this means you should see a major reduction in itching and beard flakes just by adding the Biotin spray into your everyday plan.

Plus using a spray means a hands-free application with no mess, is easy to use, and you can take it anywhere. Plus, it smells incredible.

Healthy skin means no beard-druff. If you’re battling beard flakes, check out our article What Is Beard Druff? and learn how to fight the embarrassing situation of beard dandruff.


A Beard Growth Roller is another great tool to maximize your biotin spray's effectiveness.

Use the beard roller 2-3 times a week, to help open pores, increase circulation and stimulate dormant hair follicles. Plus using the beard roller helps your Biotin Beard Growth Spray and other beard products you use absorb faster and more effectively into your skin for the best beard results!

Maybe the Biotin spray and beard roller combo should be called the Miracle Grow Beard Growth System?

To fully understand how a Beard Growth Roller works, check out Beard Roller: Your Secret Weapon For A Patchy Beard. Read it, use it, and you will see a difference in your beard.

Biotin Beard Growth Spray is an excellent beard supplement that can help you on your path to owning a solid mega beard, but no one product, entirely by itself, can help you achieve bearded greatness.

To rock a full-blown kick-ass Viking beard, you have to make a simple plan and stick to it. It boils down to three things: The best beard products and supplements, and the right lifestyle.

Also, read this 5 Fast And Simple Steps For Growing A Thicker Beard.


Supplements mean giving your beard the ingredients it needs to naturally grow thick and lush. Think of it as a lawn. Old Man Jenkins down the street, got his front lawn looking green thick, and soft by giving it plant food and watering it religiously. Check out all of our supplements and tools needed to keep your beard looking fresh and lush, just like Jenkins’ lawn.

★★★★★ 4.8/5

Mega Beard Growth Oil & Biotin Power Pack + Free Beard Growth Roller

The way you live your life also has an impact on your beard. Do you like an occasional few beers and some tequila?

Same here, dude.

We are dudes, after all. And as long as you do so responsibly, live life and enjoy!. But remember that hitting too much booze can dehydrate you, which in turn dries out your beard. So stay hydrated, dude. And avoid excess.

The same applies to food. If you eat garbage food all the time, your beard will suffer. (along w your blood pressure and much more) Growing a mega beard happens from the inside out as much as from the products we apply on the outside. Just keeping it real w you dude. We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Check out 10 Foods That Could Naturally Boost Testosterone For Maximum Beard Growth. These foods can help fight patchy beards and promote growth and other beard benefits. Plus these foods have also been known to help put some ‘ram’ back in your ‘rod.’


Use Biotin Growth Beard Spray along with supplements, hydration, and clean sensibly, and you’ll be amazed at the results you see 30 days from now when you look in the mirror. .

Read what other dudes are saying about Derm Dude products.

Jason L. said, “Order this product. It’s the difference between a SH*T beard and my kick-ass one.”

We agree. Jason is a wise dude.


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