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Why Derm Dude™?
Greetings Dude,

It’s me, Drew, aka the dude who walks around in a full-size body condom promoting tattoo protection.

I’ve also shared my own beard dandruff struggle with the world (you’re welcome) and have transformed myself into a human guinea pig testing many hundreds of formulas and products on my journey to creating Derm Dude™.
A Better Way to Protect Your Tattoos
A Better Way to Protect Your Tattoos
Because like you, I was tired of using Vaseline-type goo for my tattoo aftercare. Why wasn’t there something better to help heal, protect and brighten my tattoos other than petroleum goo created for a baby’s diaper rash? And what’s up with people who don’t even have tattoos trying to sell ‘us’ tattoo skincare?
Why else?
Because while I was always able to grow an ‘average’ beard, we all know ‘average’ blows. I wanted a thicker, fuller beard that didn’t feel like an iron maiden when I (or someone else) touched it. Plus, I wanted to wear black shirts again without a gnarly blizzard of beard druff, aka beard dandruff, raining down on me every time I touched my face.
Because I own an agency that spent years working on countless skin, hair and personal care brands often run by bean counters who never had more than three chin hairs of a beard and maybe a Mickey Mouse tattoo on their arse from that ‘wild Vegas night’ back in college. You can say that my team and I know a thing or two about hair and skincare - like how men's skin, on average, is 20-25% thicker than female skin. Our skin is also much rougher in texture and is more likely to show deeper wrinkles and larger bags under our eyes (Those bags are from age, sun and stress...not too much Mortal Kombat, dude). So, when I wanted products specifically made for me, for us, for DUDES, the Derm Dude™ journey began.

My personal promise from one dude to another is that every Derm Dude™ product will always come from Purpose, Passion and Proof. We find a void and a clear need in the marketplace, we give it our undivided, obsessive, 110% attention to get the product right, and we share the real results with you transparently. That’s why Derm Dude™ never uses paid actors or models in our marketing. Every ‘before and after’ photo and endorsement is from genuine, authentic dudes (and even a few gals) who love our products and got great results. At Derm Dude™ we compromise when it comes to putting down the toilet seat (sometimes). But we never compromise when it comes to results.

Thank you for trusting and trying Derm Dude™. Welcome to the tribe, Dude.

- CDO (Chief Dude Officer)
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