How To Choose the Best Men's Trimmer

How To Choose the Best Men's Trimmer

Ever try to find a great quality men's trimmer at a fair price? Yes, it's possible. And no, it ain't easy. And that's because the big marketing companies don't like 'easy.' They like 'confusion'. Because the more they confuse people, the more they can over-charge,
take advantage, and run up their stock price even higher.

So here's the plain and very SIMPLE truth, dudes. Choosing the best men's trimmer for YOU actually depends very much on your specific needs. Here are a few general factors and FREE info to consider when doing your research on where to spend your
hard-earned dollars:

Beard, Body, Balls, or All-Purpose Trimmers

What do you need the trimmer for? Is it for your trimming your beard, body hair, or nose and ears? What about whacking the weeds ‘south of the border’? Most trimmers these days are multipurpose, while others are designed for a very specific use. I’ve seen ads for ‘nose and ear’ trimmers and have even tried a few of them out. I personally think they are a waste of money. Unless you are from outer space or were crossbred with an overly hairy zoo animal, let’s face it, your ears and nose simply do not grow hair anywhere near the rate that justifies or requires an electric trimmer.

A simple pair of scissors or tweezers is ample for your nose and ears. And for freaks like me who really obsess and want to get these areas super-dialed in, you can consider waxing to eliminate even the peach fuzz on your ears. But when it comes to buying an overall men’s trimmer, the primary uses most dudes these days look for comes down to Beard, Body, and Ball area. So keep that in mind as you consider your options for man-grooming your glorious fur.

Corded or Cordless Men's Trimmers

Cordless beard trimmers provide flexibility and can be used almost anywhere. Obviously, you will need to ensure they are regularly charged. Corded trimmers don't have this issue, but they don't offer as much mobility, plus cords get messy and tangled. These days considering how battery technology has improved, it's pretty much a no-brainer -cordless trimmers win.

Battery Life

Assuming you choose the cordless men's trimmers (well-played, dude!), the battery life is a huge factor. Otherwise, you may accidentally run out of juice and leave yourself with an unplanned sack mohawk.

*Pro-Tip. If this happens and a ‘visitor’ notices, OWN IT, DUDE. Women love a trendsetter.

Just let her know ‘Leo’ rocks the same style. Also, remember that a quality trimmer should offer at least 60-90 minutes of solid beard trimming, body shaving, and weed-whacking run time. And be aware of how long it takes for the trimmer to charge fully. If it takes longer to charge your trimmer than your Tesla, you might as well plan to live hairy.

Waterproof Trimmers Only!

Look for waterproof men's trimmers. With waterproof trimmers you can avoid the hassle of cleaning the bathroom floor or toilet seat. It's 2023. Bringing your trimmer (and a guest) into the shower is functional, fun, and legal in almost every state, minus the few where it’s still considered a death penalty offense.

Also, the blades of your men's trimmers should be high quality, precise, and designed to prevent unpleasant nicks and cuts. This can be especially important when it comes to trimming the 'family jewels' - Nicking the sack is no fun!

Beard & Body Trimmer Attachments and Length Settings:

Old school trimmers come with a bag of 10+ attachments. Many of which you, of course, lose within a week of opening the packaging. Some companies love this because it means you have to buy another set or even a brand-new trimmer. So look for a men’s trimmer with the fewest attachments possible but still has the most functionality.

Some of the best trimmers on the market these days, like our Derm Dude Everything Trimmer™, actually have single-piece attachments with 17 different length settings. So you can have a trimmer with just one attachment that literally adjusts using a simple dial to 17 different length settings. OR you can have one of those old-school trimmers that require 17 separate attachment heads you get to store (and lose).

Remember, dude, the "best" men's trimmer is subjective and varies from person to person. Understanding your personal preferences and priorities always leads to a smarter purchasing decision.

Also, always make sure ANY men's trimmer you buy comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. Happy trimming, dudes!

-Drew Plotkin (Chief Dude Officer)


  • Bruce Leroy on

    I got my derm dude trimmer yesterday, these dudes are sharp bro. Thanks for the discount! Hoo-rah!

  • Greg Lamm on

    How high does the adjustment go for beard trimming?

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