How to Properly Trim a Beard with a Beard Trimmer

How to Properly Trim a Beard with a Beard Trimmer Derm Dude

Good news for all my fellow bearded dudes. The EVERYTHING TRIMMER ™ by DermDude ™ is here. Finally, trimming your beard with a beard trimmer is an easy and goof-proof way to maintain your facial hair.

Below, you'll find the simple steps to follow for a proper, perfect beard trim every time at any length.

By following these steps, you’re Everything Trimmer ™ can be a key part of helping you achieve a mega beard that is well-groomed 24/7, all year long. Your Everything Trimmer is also made for grooming your body and balls. Plus, it’s water-proof! So you can take this bad boy in the shower, which comes in especially helpful when you have a ‘visitor’ over for some ‘trimming support and assistance’


 1. Choose the Best Beard Length Setting:

Most beard trimmers come with a bag full of different length attachments. This is not only a puzzle finding the right attachment, but if you ever bought one of these sets before, you know how fast the attachments get lost, tossed, or simply break.

That’s why our Beard Trimmer has 17 different length attachments built into 1 simple pop-on attachment. Yep, 17 settings, and all you need to do is click the ‘Dude Dial’ up or down for your perfect length. You literally can’t screw this up.

2. Comb Beard Before Trimming

Before you start to trim, comb your beard: Use a quality beard comb or brush to
detangle and straighten your beard hair. We recommend using a high quality boar-bristle beard brush for best result. This will make it much easier to trim evenly.

3. Trim Beard with Higher Setting First 

Always start with a higher setting: When you start trimming, turn the Dude Dial to a higher length setting than you intend to keep your beard at. This allows you to remove excess hair without cutting it too short. You can always go shorter later, but you can’t magically add length instantly if you go too short!

4. Trim Beard in Sections

Divide your beard into sections and trim one section at a time. This helps ensure that you trim all the hair evenly. Remember dude, trimming your beard is not a high-speed race. Take a few extra minutes for total perfection. It’s worth it.

5. Trim Beard with the Grain - Never Against the Grain

Glide the trimmer in the direction of hair growth (top to bottom).Trimming your beard hair in the direction of hair growth avoids lifting the hair into the cutting blade of the trimmers which can cause an uneven appearance.

6. Check your Progress Along the Way

Stop periodically to look in the mirror. This helps you avoid trimming your beard too short or unevenly. Trimming your beard properly not only requires the right tools for the job, it takes patience and awareness. 

7. Use the Right Beard Trimming Attachments

The Dude Dial is the only attachment you need to trim the bulk of your beard all over. When it’s time for your neckline, cheeks, and mustache shaping, pop off the Dude Dial and you have the perfect edge blade for precision lines with no nicks or cuts.

8. Check Out the New Beard Dude!

After you finish trimming your beard, remember to take a final look in the mirror
and say ‘Well done dude. You just got even better looking somehow.” - Blowing
yourself a kiss is optional and will not result in judgement from us.

9. Keep your Beard Growing Healthy

For optimal beard growth, maintenance and overall beard health, it's recommended to use a high-quality line of beard products daily. This includes a beard shampoo and conditioner for daily use in the shower, a beard roller, a beard growth oil, regular combing and brushing with proper beard tools, and beard growth gummies with a high concentration of biotin. We have taken everything you would need for daily beard care + trimming and wrapped it up in one easy to use kit - The Power Beard Growth Kit (MAX) - pictured above. 

So there you have it, Dudes. Happy Growing & Grooming!

-Drew Plotkin (Chief Dude Officer)


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  • Zed on

    Built-in adjustable beard trimmers are the only kind I’ll ever buy again. I lose attachments after 1 week, always.

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