8 Tips to Prevent Patchy and Uneven Beard Growth

8 Tips to Prevent Patchy and Uneven Beard Growth

Let’s keep it real dudes. You may have gotten straight A’s in Mrs. Jones 2nd grade reading class when you cruised through Cat in the Hat like a Rhodes Scholar, but in 2022, when it comes to your beard, it’s pretty far from being ‘next level’.

Yes, we see the facial hair growth on your cheeks. But, one of the most common beard growth issues most men face is the dreaded patchy beard. That issue usually affects the cheeks and significantly impacts your efforts to grow a full beard.

Patchy and Uneven Beard Growth

Sparse Beard Growth

Beard Growth Genetics

Ok. I’ll geek out here for a minute. Facial hair growth strictly relates to your genetics and androgen levels. If you don’t know already, the hair on your face is androgenic hair. Therefore, your facial hair grows in response to your body's male hormones, including dihydrotestosterone and testosterone. Depending on the levels of both hormones, facial hair can grow slowly or quickly.

So yes, it’s 100% true that how your facial hair growth can be impacted by your genes. But the same can be said for becoming the Superbowl MVP or throwing a no-hitter in the world series.

Genetics impact everything about us in one way or another. But, this does not mean our specific and deliberate efforts don’t also play a HUGE role in the final outcome of everything from sports, to business, to,…yes, your beard. That’s why your pal, the Derm Dude, is here with a few helpful tips to help you grow the beard you want.

Oh, and FYI…I definitely was not blessed with the genetics for a full Mega Beard. Take a look here at my own transformation from patchy to finally nailing the thick, full, healthy-looking beard I always wanted. And it happened by using our Derm Dude beard products and my 8 tips below!

Drew Plotkin Beard Growth Week 2
Drew Plotkin Beard Growth Week 4
Drew Plotkin Beard Growth Week 8
Drew Plotkin Beard Growth 3 months

Beard Hacks: 8 Tips to Prevent Patchy Beard Growth

1. Eat Foods that Promote Beard Growth

Target the right type of food that helps boost your male hormones. Nutrition can potentially trigger faster and thicker facial hair growth on your cheeks and other patchy areas around your face. The foods below are part of naturally going from a patchy beard and growing a full beard. Remember, nothing can magically grow you a full beard overnight. But these foods can potentially help speed up the process of growing facial hair faster:

  • Olive oil
  • Fatty Fish & Oysters
  • Dark Greens
  • Cocoa Products/ Dark Chocolate
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Avocados
  • Eggs
  • Ginger Root
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Coffee
  • Sorghum

2. Let the Beard Grow

If you don't let the hair grow, you can’t identify the patchy beard areas on your cheeks and other parts of the face. While this seems like an obvious tip, it's important to prevent patchy and uneven beard growth.

I recommend letting your beard grow for at least 6-8 weeks and then trim it up (preferably by a professional barber who knows beards) to the same length to identify the patchy spots accurately. Growing a thicker beard takes some dedication. Be patient, dudes!

3. Use a Good Beard Oil

Beard Growth Oil

Beard oils have been used by mankind for thousands of years and have recently spiked in popularity for many reasons. Not only can a good beard oil promote beard growth, it can also make the beard feel fuller and softer as well as prevent beard dandruff. Certain key ingredients, like peppermint oil, can be found in the best beard oils promoting facial hair growth.

Other ingredients that help soothe and calm skin under the beard, like Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil, are also my favorites for best results. You can find all these in one spot by checking out the Beard Grower's Kit in our storefront.

4. Use a Beard Roller

A beard roller or derma roller helps with causing micro-punctures under your beard, which helps unclog pores and also helps to stimulate facial hair growth. Using a beard roller also helps allow for faster and better absorption of your beard oil beneath your beard and into your skin. And this means a much more effective way to help with a patchy beard by allowing more nourished, hydrated facial hair growth.

5. Use a Shampoo & Conditioner Made for Beards

As ‘yuck’ as it seems, beard flakes or ‘beard dandruff’ is more common than you think! (Yep, I used to get it all the time, dudes. Look at this pic of me before DERM DUDE products helped me ditch the itch (and the flakes). The problem is often ‘self-inflicted’. Like most dudes, I used to use whatever shampoo or body wash was already in my shower to wash my beard. And that is a huge mistake. Most typical shampoos and body washes are made for your scalp or the skin on your body. But they will actually dry out your beard and cause itching and flaking.

Beard Druff | Drew Plotkin

That’s why I use a product designed specifically for the face and the skin under my beard. A good 2-in-1 beard shampoo and conditioner cleans, nourishes and hydrates your beard without drying or stripping your skin of the essential natural oils you want to keep! And that’s how you ditch the itch and get to start wearing black t-shirts again without being covered in ‘face snow’.

6. Get Off Your Arse, Dude. Beards Need Exercise!

Beard Exercise

You can also increase testosterone levels by engaging in physical exercises such as running, jogging, or other activities. Those hormones directly link to beard growth and facial hair thickness. The more you work out, the higher your chances of growing a full beard. The right amount of exercise can also help reduce stress levels while also helping to improve your sleep.

7. Go for Even-Level Trimming

Don’t butcher your beard. If you don’t have the time to go slow and be detailed when trimming your beard, then wait until later. A hack job will cause the patches and uneven beard to become more noticeable, even from a distance. By going for even trimming, you can keep the length of your beard hair consistent to offer a more natural, robust, and fuller look.

8. Invest in Your Beard

Growing a kick-ass beard takes some effort, just like anything worth having. As mentioned above, eating the right foods and having the right tools, such as beard growth oil and a decent beard roller are key to your successful beard-growing journey.

Before purchasing beauty and healthcare products, it’s a no-brainer to review the ingredients. And make sure you’re not falling for shady marketing tricks and buying unreliable beard growth products for your beard. Buy a reliable product from a reliable source. And remember, be patient and stick with a combination of the tips above to see results. Give that patchy beard hell, dude!

-Drew Plotkin (Chief Dude Officer)


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