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george henry
Ball, cream, and foot care

Ball cream


Good stuff.


Words can’t describe how much I love this company! They truly come up with everything. My husband has always refused to use lotion on his feet thinking that only women need soft feet. However, I left it in the bathroom and noticed a few days ago that he’s been using it. This company provides so many quality products at very affordable prices, and I would recommend them to anyone! 

Duantre Bussey
The Holy Foot Cream

I’ve used this product every night for 2 weeks and I can honestly say this works great! Moisturizer level is amazing with real results. I highly recommend this to anyone with dry/cracked feet or if your just looking for a great smelling moisturizer that actually does what it says it supposed to!

John Bell
Nothing is better than DERM DUDE

Love these items! They work fantastic and leave feeling and smelling SUPER DUPER FRESH! Thanks 🙏 DREW for making feel good products for MEN! We like to feel and smell great 👍 too!

Tim Yeiner
The best I’ve ever used

My feet have been a problem for a few years now after I turned 30. I’ve been trying one brand after another and maybe they help a little but my feet always were an unpleasant mix of sweaty and dry skin. Saw the Derm Dude Holy foot cream in an tiktok ad and picked it up like I have so many other brands. To my surprise with in a week I noticed a real difference in my feet. They aren’t getting as sweaty, the dry skin has cleared up and the MVP sent has been a crowd pleaser. (Ok maybe not a crowd my but my wife stopped complaining.) I’m just about ready to make a second order, I’ve got to see if Derm Dude’s other products are as good cause this one changed my life. …Well at least my feet.

Had to give it a try...

Happy with the results... Didn't by for me but for someone I know with constant smelly feet - I ended up using it too cause it really helped keep my foot soft.