Beard Brushing for the Uninitiated

Beard Brushing for the Uninitiated Derm Dude


No one is out there teaching us how to grow a mega beard, let alone how to brush or maintain a beard that’s worthy of every dude’s beard envy. 

From scruffy stubble to a full power beard, we got you! We’re breaking down all things beard brush so you can grow a stronger, healthier, fuller-looking beard. Let’s GROW Dude!™


Brushing your beard is like washing your balls


No one else is going to do it for you (daily). 😉 

If you’re not already doing it, you need to start. 

And any “visitors” you may have should only be saying good things about how they smell.

So how do you know if you’re doing it right? What kind of beard brush should you use? And how often should you be brushing your beard? We’re breaking down these questions (and more!) so you can grow a MEGA beard

Tools of the Trade

Beard maintenance is essential for a fuller, thicker, healthy, great-looking beard. 

Oils, balms, shampoos, and more—we’re kind of experts in all things beard.  

But one of the most overlooked aspects of great beard maintenance is the brush. Without the right tool to comb through your beard (and fingers just don’t cut it, dude), you might as well tie a dirty, wet sponge to your face—because it’s really no different. 

The RIGHT beard brushes and combs help keep your beard clean, conditioned, and looking like one badass bearded lumberjack overflowing with viking DNA.

Brush for beard envy. 

Beard Comb vs Brush

While you may think they serve the same purpose, beard brushes and combs actually offer completely different functionalities.

Beard Comb

Beard combs are primarily used to detangle the hair and can help you evenly distribute product throughout your beard. When shopping for a beard comb, here’s what you need to look for: 

  • Quality Material. Forget the cheap plastic ones. Look for a comb made from a more substantial material like wood, metal, or cellulose acetate. (We prefer a high quality anti static peach wood dude)
  • Teeth Size & Spacing. Long, short, thin, or wide, the length and size of the teeth on your ideal beard comb depends on the length and condition of your hair. Additionally, comb teeth are spaced for different types of hair (thick, curly, thin, straight)

Keep your beard comb in the shower to use after shampooing and conditioning your beard. This allows you to comb through any tangles and spread product throughout the length of your beard. 

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Beard Brush

Beard brushes are used to massage and exfoliate the skin and hair follicles while also stimulating the release of natural oils throughout the hair. Using a beard brush every day also helps clean your beard and remove any dirt or grime that is stuck in your beard. Here’s what to look for in a beard brush: 

  • Natural vs. Synthetic Materials. What is the beard brush hair made of? Natural hair, like boar, horse, or badger, does a great job of distributing oils (natural or added), and they’re gentler on your face(synthetic hair can be abrasive on the skin).
  • Size. Beard brushes come in tons of different sizes. You want to look for one that’s sturdy and feels good in your hand. 
  • Handle. Find a beard brush with a comfortable handle. Bamboo is typically a very high quality material for brush handles. 

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You brush the hair on your head every day, so why wouldn’t you brush the hair on your face every day too? More than just for aesthetics, brushing your beard helps:

Exfoliate Your Skin.

No more beard-druff! Brushing your beard helps remove dead skin cells and debris from the face (and your beard!). Exfoliating the skin can also help reduce ingrown hairs and promote a fuller-looking beard

Clean Your Beard

The dudes with beards know: all kinds of things can get stuck in your beard. Food, dirt, dust, brush them all out. 

Distribute Product

Not just throughout the hair in your beard, but brushing also helps Growth Oils penetrate deeper into the skin—where they can really work their magic. 

Train Hair Growth

Brushing your beard every day can help “train” hair to grow in the right direction, which helps your beard look fuller.

Detangle Your Hair

No one wants a beard full of tangled knots—especially because they can quickly lead to breakage and patchy-looking beards. Brushing your beard makes hair more manageable and less prone to knotting or breakage. 


Your beard deserves respect. Here’s how to treat your beard like the true beast it is. 

Step 1

Wash and clean your beard with beard-specific products (regular shampoos just don’t cut it). You can really get in there and clean away any of the dirt and grime that might be stuck in there.

Step 2

Apply your favorite beard oil or balm throughout your beard. Working the product in first with your hands thoroughly helps distribute everything evenly throughout your beard.

Step 3 

If you have a shorter beard, start by brushing in slow, upwards motions. While this may seem counterintuitive, brushing upwards helps stimulate hair follicles—and it just feels amazing.

Step 4

Now brush downwards, in the direction of hair growth. Start at the top of your cheek and slowly move the brush downwards towards your neck. As you’ve finished brushing across your entire face, you can start brushing the hair into how you prefer to style your beard. 

Step 5

Style your beard! However you like to wear it, now's the time in your routine to add additional styling products. 


Similar to other tools in your grooming routine, your beard brush and comb require proper maintenance. Nothing crazy, just be sure to wipe and clean them after you finish brushing to remove any excess product. 

Not only does this help your tools last longer, but it keeps bacteria, oil, and dead skin off your beard. 

Because who doesn’t want a thicker, fuller healthier-looking beard? 

No-one? Thought so. 

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