Why Do My Balls Itch

Why Do My Balls Itch

Well, why do bears shit in the woods? Some things are just facts of life. And another one of those pesky life facts is that if you've got balls, there will be times when they get itchy.

Maybe it's a scorching hot day, and your sack is more humid and damp than the Florida Everglades…

Maybe crowd surfing naked at Coachella over hundreds of un-showered human bacteria factories wasn't as 'next level bro' as you hoped it would be after all….

Or maybe you somehow didn't notice your hot score from Friday night kept scratching her 'meow meow' like an infested cat and looks identical to the gal your four other buddies have been hooking up with. But we're not trying to rub it in, dude. Life happens.

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What Causes Itchy Balls

There are a bunch of reasons your sack might be screaming at you for some furious fingernail action. So let's dive into the most common reasons why every dude, for one reason or another, needs to always be at Defcon 1 preparedness when it comes to a bad case of itchy balls.

Jock Itch

In Latin, it may be called ‘Jockis Itchus Miserus.’ We say ‘it may’ because, let’s face it, dude, we don’t speak Latin at Derm Dude. Comprende Amigo? Anyway, my scratchy friend, the accurate technical term for Jock Itch is Tinea Cruris Fungus, and experts agree it’s by far the most common reason those of us with balls get a deep itch in our most sack-sational parts.

Jock itch develops on parts of the body that stay damp for an extended period. When it appears on our feet, it’s called athlete’s foot.

It shows up as a red rash and, of course, itches like a mad bastard. Treating jock itch often requires an anti-fungal type cream, ointment, or spray. The #1 solution for jock itch is, of course, to avoid getting it in the first place. So remember the basics, like take showers after you sweat. And always keep your balls as dry as possible. Bacteria LOVES dampness. So don’t be a welcoming swamp sack for ball germs and other funk on your junk.

Using BallGasmic Ball Wash as part of your daily shower routine is a no-brainer, simple way to help keep the bacteria off of your boys. Plus, your balls will actually smell better too.

Remember, If you’re getting the stink along with the itch, check out our 6 Ways To Prevent Smelly Balls so anyone visiting your personal playground has a great time.


chafing ball wash

Anyone playing sports or going hiking on a warm day has probably experienced chafing. Chafing happens when the skin between your legs rubs against itself or on your clothes for an extended time, and you develop a rash.

Rub two sticks together long enough, and you get fire. Put your balls between those sticks, and you’ve got significant chafing along with fire.

The best way to combat chafing and the itchy burn is to use Happy Sack Nut Love | Soothing Ball Cream.

Happy Sack Nut Love contains Shea Butter and Babassu Oil to protect your balls from heat and friction and actually creates a cooling sensation ‘south of the border.’ It also has bacteria fighting, anti-fungal ingredients like Avena Sativa to help calm and soothe the itch while keeping your balls fresh and clean.


Intertrigo is another type of fungal infection that can cause a red rash and inflammation. It occurs in the folds of your skin because trapped heat and moisture cause bacteria and fungus to grow.

Treating intertrigo, much like jock-itch, can require an antifungal agent. Still, prevention is always your first choice - Taking a shower after getting sweaty could be the best way to prevent Intertrigo from happening. In fact, if you want to pose a triple-sack threat to the fungus trying to invade your man castle, use our Mega Sack Pack | Ball Wash Kit.

It comes with our Ballgasmic Ballwash, Happy Sack Nut Love Cream, and Amaze Balls Refreshing Deodorizing Spray. The itch and the stink don’t stand a chance. Plus, great smelling balls are a win-win.

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Plus, you have extra support because the Avena Sativa in our Happy Sack Nut Love Ball Cream (which comes in two amazing scents, Coconut Rush and MVP) helps calm inflammation, while Shea Butter and Babassu Oil helps protect your skin from heat and friction.

Excessive Sweat

I could be eating a bowl of ice cream in an air-conditioned room and still break into a sweat.

But remember, moisture, plus heat, leads to bacteria, which can also cause itchy balls.

So remember, take a shower anytime swamp sack starts to set in. And dry off entirely afterward.  

Use Ballwash to fight the bacteria, cool your jewels down with our Ball Cream, and bless your balls with our best smelling Amaze-Balls Refreshing Spray for balls that smell and feel fantastic all day.

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Itchy balls happen to all of us. So if you want to avoid those great balls of fire, be sure to keep them fresh and clean. And use products made specifically for our sacks to smell and feel amazing all day (and all night). 😉

Check out our entire collection of ball hygiene products here.

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