Why Do I Have Flakes In My Beard?

Why Do I Have Flakes In My Beard? Derm Dude




There’s a secret a lot of guys deal with but few know what to do about it. One of the most common problems bearded men deal with is having flakes! Yes, flakes – those white, dry, scaly things that make it look like your beard hit the slopes. Those flakes, also known as “beard druff”, “beard dandruff” or “beard-druff” can be a recurring pain in the A%% and a major roadblock to growing that healthy, full, thick-looking beard – you know the one that gives other dudes beard envy.

The bigger question is – WHY does this happen?

Beard Druff

Getting flakes in your beard can happen for a variety of reasons:

1) The BIGGEST cause – you’re likely using products that are actually stripping, drying out and/or irritating your skin – products like shampoo! Shampoo should NEVER be used on your beard. HUGE mistake!

2) Your skin under the beard may not be getting enough moisture or hydration

3) Poor hygiene can be a contributor – not washing your beard and skin underneath thoroughly or often enough (that’s just gross)

4) Extreme climates – weather conditions that are hot and humid, or cold and dry

5) You could be one of the many who suffer from something called Seborrheic Dermatitis, which is a common skin rash

6) You could, perhaps, have a fungal infection from a buildup of yeast, which is very common given the fact that your skin has been hidden by the beard hair

Red Irritated Skin under Beard

HIDDEN IRRITATION. Red, itchy, dry skin. Often caused by over-oily skin, a lack of light exposure or a build up of yeast on the skin that inflames the area - increaseing the amount of damaged skin cells and flakes

Man with Beard and Afro and Glasses

Think about it. It’s no secret that it typically takes a man, on average, anywhere from three to six months to grow a thicker, fuller-looking beard – even longer in some instances. But in that time, your skin underneath becomes hidden. Irritation that may happen under the beard can be concealed until you start to feel that dry, itchy discomfort and flakes start to show up. So, what do you do?



It strips your skin and dries it out causing flakes and itching


Use only beard wash.
Again, not shampoo! Trust Me - It's a real thing!


Dry properly and thoroughly with a blow-dryer on cool setting. Not too hot - Excessive Heat can damage your Beard


Use a beard oil so skin and hair remain soft to the touch and free of flakes


Brushing with a beard brush or comb distributes oils evenly throught your beard


Taming with a nourishing beard balm helps protect your beard from excess moisture and sun-bleaching

Seems easy enough, right? Now, here’s WHY this simple grooming routine will have your beard growing in thick and beautiful (PATCH-FREE)

Soap Suds in Beard


Cleaning your beard should be a no-brainer. But you’d be surprised by how many men don’t know how to properly wash their beards. Did you know that studies show that your beard has more germs than a dog? But washing your beard just doesn’t mean getting it clean. You need to use the right product. Shampoo and body washes are often the go-to, but you’d be doing a huge disservice to that grizzly trophy that took you months to grow. Beard facial hair is typically coarser and thicker than the hair on your head and body. Shampoo and body washes can strip the skin on your face of essential natural oils that help moisturize and nourish your beard.

Your beard needs a beard wash, one that will properly and thoroughly cleanse, plus hydrate and nourish your beard hair AND the skin underneath. This critical first step is often missed by a longshot.

Blow-drying Beard


“To blow dry or not to blow dry?” one might ask. But the question is not should you, but how should you blow dry. Heat can be terrible for your hair – and so can air-drying. When hair is wet, the hair follicles swell with water – putting additional pressure on the strands, making them weaker and prone to breakage. On the flip side, using excessive heat can damage your hair follicles and cause your beard to dry out. Not a good thing if you’re dealing with flakes. In short? Blow drying your beard on a cool setting is ideal for a healthier, damage-free, and fuller-looking beard.

Beard Oil Application


Moisturizing is another way to say ‘condition’. But again, most guys opt for a shampoo and conditioner on their beards. A big no-no! Moisturizing your beard requires you to nourish and hydrate the actual hair cuticles as well as the skin underneath. Using a conditioner for your head won’t accomplish that. In fact, it can be irritating to your skin. Using a natural beard oil with soothing botanicals and skin-nourishing ingredients will help alleviate irritation and itchy, dry patches, ridding you of that scratchy feeling. Plus, you’ll feed proper nutrition into your beard and skin

Man Brushing Beard


Using a beard brush can help to evenly distribute natural and topical oils and nutrients throughout your hairs, which helps keep those nasty flakes at bay? Brushing your beard daily also helps exfoliate your skin underneath, stimulate healthy blood flow and can help improve beard growth – getting you closer to that enviable beard you wanted in the first place. BRUSH IT!

Beard Balm Application


In addition to taming your beard – keeping it nice and tight – a good, natural beard balm has many benefits. For one thing, it helps protect your beard hairs. A balm will coat the hairs, locking in moisture even longer than a beard oil. They’re also designed to soften these typically coarse facial hairs so your beard is smoother and softer to the touch. And due to its waxy consistency, beard balm can help your beard appear thicker and healthier – covering up any thin or patchy areas and giving you a fuller-looking shape.

WARNING: If for any reason the above easy-to-follow regimen doesn’t help rid your beard of the unwanted flakes – you might need a dermatologist. Some skin conditions are best left to doctors recommendations and prescriptions. Good Luck!

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