The Importance of Skin Health for Healthy Beard Growth

The Importance of Skin Health for Healthy Beard Growth

It's commonplace for people to associate kick-ass, Viking-status beards with 'good beard growing' genetics, a healthy diet, or even beard growth supplements. Sure... These things can totally assist in your beard growth journey but one, commonly overlooked, thing important to the health and potential growth of your beard lies just beneath the beard itself.

The health of your beard is almost entirely associated with the health of the skin under your beard.

In this Derm Dude podcast snippet - Long time friend and associate, Dr Heather Woolery-Lloyd and I discuss beard growth myths and facts as well as just how important skin care and proper hydration are to the process of growing a healthy full beard.

See the full podcast featuring Dr Heather Wollery-Lloyd here.

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  • Jon Lowell on

    Key is nutrition not just topical for growing beard. I’ve been using beard growth oil – and roller which is great – but it wasn’t until I added Biotin and other supplements to help grow my beard that I really saw a significant difference – also, feel head on hair stronger.

  • Anthony on

    My beard health has overall improved since using Derm Dude. Not sure which exact product is doing it but I bought and use the balgasmic beard wash, the beard roller and the mega growth beard balm. It’s healthier, less dandruff, thicker and fuller.

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