Rafael Valdez Celebrity Tattoo Artist | Think Ink Drink

Rafael Valdez Celebrity Tattoo Artist | Think Ink Drink

Watch Derm Dude's web series Think. Drink. Ink. This episode explores the life of Rafael Valdez, a world reknowned Tattoo Artist of the stars in Hollywood as well as a favorite to Derm Dude's very own CDO (Cheif Dude Officer) Drew Plotkin.

Drew -  "I felt obliged to kick off this series with Rafael and also get my 4th Tattoo from the Artist while he was there since he's so tough to book these days otherwise.

I spent 2 days in Los Angeles with Rafael Valdez and learns about his immigration to America from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico as a child and how he became the "go-to" Tattoo artist for many celebrities.

My man Rafael Valdez is one of the hottest in demand tattoo artists on the planet right now. Back and forth between Hollywood, New York and Miami - making a permanent impression on many of hollywood's biggest a-list names and bodies"

-Drew Plotkin (Chief Dude Officer)

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  • Robby on

    I saw this guy on instagram. He tattoos big names. Cool story.

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