"My Boy" Singer, Elvie Shane | Think Ink Drink In Nashville

"My Boy" Singer, Elvie Shane | Think Ink Drink In Nashville

From Truck driver to having the #1 country smash hit song in America, ‘MY BOY’, Elvie is about as real-life American success story as it gets.

With over 14 million YouTube views for his hit single, Elvie set the stage for the release of his new album release, Backslider.

On this episode of Think Ink Drink, we roll down south to Nashville, Tennessee where our good pal, Elvie is gearing up for a special tattoo to honor his beloved granddad.

Elvie Shane's New Tattoo
Elvie Shane and Drew Plotkin

This episode is overloaded with tattoos, bourbon, music and some badass authentic storytelling.

Something really F*cking dope? Eating some good ol’ southern BBQ, throwing back some rare bourbon developed by Green Berets and chilling with my boy Elvie as he busts out some of his newest tunes from Backslider and shares the meaning behind the songs. This episode of Think Ink and Drink takes tattoo storytelling into a whole different world.

The Climax in Nashville

Boots & Brothels

Not to mention our trip to world famous Lucchese Bootmaker where I get my first pair of cowboy boots and immediately feel like a country & western star, Elvie was right.

This was a really great trip and Elvie's tattoo turned out amazing.

Oh yeah, the hotel we stayed in during our trip was actually a former 19th century brothel turned 21st century bar, The Climax. (Watch the full episode below for more on that)

Derm Dude presents Think Ink Drink With "My Boy" Singer Elvie Shane

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Think Ink Drink. Be sure to check out our shop and show your support to the good people here at Derm Dude by purchasing one of our many products geared towards tattoo enthusiast such as our 'industry standard' tattoo balm.

Take it easy, dudes.

-Drew Plotkin (Chief Dude Officer)


  • Roger on

    Elvie Shane is a cool dude.

  • Kevin on

    I love the excitement in Drew’s face when showing his son at the baseball game – I can relate.

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