Product Launch: We have Illegal Shaving Cream!

Product Launch: We have Illegal Shaving Cream! Derm Dude

We are changing how you shave (and where you shave)😉

Even though it’s been 5 whole years, I’m no stranger to a smooth clean shave. I’d do it more often if most of the damn shaving cream on the market didn’t absolutely suck.

They’re often filled with the same mineral oil sh*t that can cause inflammation, irritation, razor bumps, and dry, sandpaper-like skin. Some shaving creams even contain explosive ingredients (not joking dude - I mean kaboom) like propane & isobutane other ingredients linked to bad $hit such as parabens, phthalates and even formaldehyde-releasing preservatives - WTF!

Read the ingredients on the shaving cream you’re using now. I can hardly pronounce all these damn chemical names - I refuse to put that garbage on my face. And you should too.

You’re likely familiar with our Zero Tolerance for BS rule here at DermDude. I was fed up with the ‘shaving cream’ status quo. But looking for a better solution was frustrating and I couldn't find one anywhere.

We had enough bullsh*t, so DermDude created its own shaving cream and to celebrate the launch, I shaved off my counterfeit Connor McGregor.

Our new shaving cream will set some alarms off. Because it’s good. Like REALLY good. So f*ckin’ good, you’ll fool your parole officer. (No judgment, dude 😉)

Protect your Skin Dude

Naturally formulated with sensitive skin in mind, our illegal shaving cream is perfect for every skin type, so you're gonna be criminally smooth wherever your next mission takes you. 🤪

Our naturally sourced ingredients will hydrate and nourish your mug shot to perfection. That’s because this isn’t just shaving cream. This is Shaving Cream + Skincare! Specifically formulated to support your skin health throughout the entire day. With a brand name like Derm Dude, keeping your skin healthy is important to us

- Check the ingredients list, dude!

“Illegal Shaving Cream” Ingredients & Benefits

Aloe Vera

The natural moisturizing properties of aloe vera hydrate the skin, creating a smoother shaving surface that reduces friction and irritation. Aloe vera's anti-inflammatory and healing attributes soothe and calm the skin, diminishing redness and discomfort often associated with shaving.

Coconut Oil

The natural lubrication of coconut oil enables a smooth glide of the razor, reducing the chance of irritation and nicks. This oil's emollient properties effectively hydrate and moisturize the skin, while its anti-inflammatory characteristics soothe sensitivity and redness.

Olive Oil

The emollient nature of olive oil provides hydration and post-shave moisturization, leaving the skin soft and nourished. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds like vitamin K help contribute to skin repair, and their natural antioxidants protect from free radicals, to help improve your skin's elasticity.  

Plus, the Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and Vitamin E we added will help transform any uneven, splotchy face into a certified smooth operator. 😎

No Need for Aftershave

You can toss out your BS aftershave too, since our shaving cream comes in our signature scents that you already know and love. You’ll be smelling good without the need to splash your face with liquid fire!

I hate calling this stuff just shaving cream. Because it’s so much more. That’s why we’re calling this bad boy our Illegal Shaving Cream. And it's on our website right NOW, available in our 3 best-selling scents: MVP, Alpine Breeze and Sandalwoody. Hell yeah, dude.

ORDER NOW and we’re throwing in a FREE 5-pack of pro-grade Derm Dude disposable razors with every order of Illegal Shaving Cream.

Yeah, read that again. Free razors with EVERY order of Illegal Shaving Cream. FOR LIFE. They’re multi-bladed and fitted with a comfortable ergonomic handle. Plus aloe strips to ensure smooth strokes even on the most sensitive skin, just right for your undercover ops.

Ready to be on the most wanted list? Just don’t get caught by the shorthairs. 😉

 >>> Grab yours here >>>

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think about it. We’re really proud of this.

We’ll talk soon,


Founder/ Chief Dude Officer

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  • George on

    I like your beard oils a lot so I bought this last week just for shaving my neck and the back of my hairline, used it yesterday – amazing stuff! I get really bad razor bumps on my neck that turn into ingrown hairs. Not sure if it’s the razors you sent or the cream or a combination of both but no signs of the little bumps today and no redness or burning so you very likely have a customer for life with this product, thanks Drew!

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