Painful Cracked Heels - Causes & Treatments for Heel Fissures

Painful Cracked Heels - Causes & Treatments for Heel Fissures
Are your heels in need of healing help?
Dry, cracked heels are no joke. At a minimum, they are uncomfortable. But for literally millions of people, they are quite painful. And this can be an ongoing daily struggle.
Let's break down the basics: Dry, cracked heels are also known as heel fissures, and they occur when the skin on the heels becomes extremely dry and loses its elasticity. This leads to small splits or cracks in the heel's skin. In severe cases, this can even cause bleeding or infection. So what actually causes dry, cracked feet?

What Causes Cracked Heels?

There are many factors to consider when trying to determine what may be causing your feet to be dry and cracky. Below are a few of the most common causes for cracked heels.

Lack of moisture: This seems like a no-brainer, but it's #1 for a reason. Insufficient hydration, particularly in dry climates or during winter months, can very often cause dry skin on the feet.

Standing for prolonged periods: Let's face it, millions of dudes work hard on their feet all day, every day. And anyone who spends long hours standing, especially on hard surfaces, is more prone to developing cracked heels.

The wrong footwear: Ditch the open-back or poor-fitting shoes! These can cause friction and direct pressure on the heels, causing or even worsening dryness and cracking.

Skin conditions: Certain skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or athlete's foot can increase dryness and cracking on the feet. In rare cases, chronic dry feet can be a sign of diabetes. Always see your doctor if you have any medical condition!

Ok, so we know the cause of dry, cracked heels. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT DUDE?

Tips to Prevent Dry Cracked Feet

Treatment options for dry, cracked feet include:

Moisturizing: Applying a high-quality foot cream or lotion such as Derm Dude's Holy Foot Cream™ with ingredients like Aloe Vera, Arrowroot, and Lactic Acid can be a huge and fast source of relief!  

Exfoliation: Using a quality foot brush to gently remove dead skin cells can help smoothen rough areas and prevent further cracking. We specifically use Lactic Acid in Holy Foot Cream because it helps exfoliate dead skin cells, which also helps prevent painful calluses from building up.

Soaking: Soaking yer' tootsies in warm water with added Epsom salt or essential oils can also help soften the skin and promote healing. BUT… don't soak too long, or you can end up stripping the skin of its natural oils. (i.e., that is the wrong kind of stripping, dude 😉)

Wear the right kicks: Style is great, and I'm a huge sucker for Jordan's myself. But be smart about wearing the right shoes at the right time. If you have a 12-hour shift on your feet, your #1 priority should be pure comfort from well-fitted shoes that have the proper cushioning and support to reduce pressure on the heels and minimize friction.

Stay hydrated: I say this over and over, dudes. And here it is again. Drink plenty of water to maintain overall skin hydration, and YES, this includes the skin on the feet, including the heels.

Potential medical conditions: If you suspect your dry, cracked feet may be caused by eczema, psoriasis, or some type of infection, see a dermatologist ASAP for proper diagnosis and treatment.


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