Is There Something Fishy About Your Dude's Balls?

Is There Something Fishy About Your Dude's Balls? Derm Dude

My boyfriend smells like fish down there” is something no one wants to say and no one wants to hear, especially about themselves. 

Whether it’s ball sweat, jock itch, junk funk or just general unwanted penis smells, ditch the sweaty, itchy, chafing ball smells and discover what a great-smelling sack can do

Smelly Balls Have No Chance 💪

Smelly balls have no chance with Derm Dude™.

Grab the Mega Sack Pack Ball Wash Kit and follow these three easy steps for sacksational smelling balls. 

NOTE: There are tons of potential causes for a smelly sack. While the most common ones are sweaty balls, not giving the sack the special treatment it deserves (not washing & drying) and simply just using the wrong products on this sensitive area, there are also other (medical attention required) causes of smelly balls. Be sure to talk with a healthcare provider if simple ball care does not reduce scent.  

Step 1: Wash Away Penis Smells

The first step to balls that smell not just good but amazing? Washing (and that’s washing every damn day, dude!).

Lather up the sack, crack and everything in between with our BallGasmic Ball Wash with Activated Charcoal. This works to absorb odor, clean away dirt, toxins and bacteria and moisturize skin.


🛀 Activated charcoal helps absorb odor & scrub away dirt 

🌱 Aloe vera hydrates, nourishes & calms sensitive skin

🛡 Babassu oil helps fight bacteria and helps to support & protect skin's moisture barrier

🍵 Antioxidant-rich green tea & chamomile protect skin from irritation

💪 DeoPlex® naturally eliminates odors caused by sweaty balls


Start Sudsing.

Step 2: Ditch the Jock Itch Smell

After washing, it’s crucial to dry the entire area THOROUGHLY. Damp balls are a feeding ground for stuff you don’t even want to think about. 

But that doesn’t mean the precious jewels don’t deserve some love. Protect against chafing swamp sack and jock itch with our luxurious Happy Sack Nut Love Cooling Ball Cream, specially formulated to keep balls feeling cool, refreshed and smelling fantastic.

🛡 Shea Butter & Babassu oil helps protect skin from heat & friction that causes chafing

💧 Aloe vera & chamomile helps hydrate, nourish & soften skin

🌿 Avena Sativa provides anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory properties to calm & soothe 

💪 DeoPlex® naturally eliminates odors caused by perspiration


Ditch the Itch.

Step 3: On-the-Go Ball Deodorant

Sometimes at-home ball care isn’t enough to protect against everyday ball sweat. 

Banish smelly balls in an instant with the on-the-go, refreshing Amaze Balls Ball Spray. Nothing ruins a moment faster than smelly, sweaty balls. Be prepared with a spray deodorant for balls.

🥒 Cucumber & witch hazel help cool & refresh skin

🍃 Aloe vera & chamomile helps hydrate, nourish & calm skin

💪 DeoPlex® naturally eliminates odors caused by perspiration

Refresh & Go. 

Only good things are said about sacks that use Derm Dude™ 😉


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