How to Get a Smooth Beard Worthy of Beard Envy

How to Get a Smooth Beard Worthy of Beard Envy

Your beards shouldn’t feel like a Brillo pad, dudes. 

No one wants a scratchy, prickly beard full of beardruff rubbing up against their skin—you or your *visitors*. 

Discover how to get a soft, smooth beard worthy of true beard envy. Here’s a hint: it’s all about the beard oil

The Power of Beard Oil

“You call it facial hair; I call it awesomeness escaping through my face.”

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is used to condition, moisturize, and soften beard hair, which can make your beard look fuller, smoother, and overall more touchable. Some, like our Mega Beard Growth Oil, also help promote beard growth for thicker, fuller-looking beards

Ingredients for a Mega Beard

The best beard oil has natural ingredients that are fast absorbing, non-greasy, and won’t clog your pores. 

Look for ingredients like…

Avocado Oil - The omega-3 fatty acids in avocado oil a promote beard growth and reduce breakage or hair loss

Coconut Oil - Hydrates and protects while soothing irritated skin and improving hair's appearance

Peppermint Oil - Increases blood flow and circulation to the beard

Jojoba Oil - Moisturizes and protects hair follicles, preventing itching and flaking  

Bamboo Extract - An anti-inflammatory that strengthens hair & promotes beard growth

Biotin - Stimulates keratin production in hair and increases the rate of healthier follicle growth

Vitamin E Oil - Skin-boosting, antioxidant properties help improve hair health and promote growth

What Does Beard Oil Do? 

What does beard oil do anyways? 

If beard oil is beneficial for moisturizing, can’t I just use a regular moisturizer for that? What makes beard oil so special?

Beard oil is not only beneficial for the beard hair as it absorbs quickly, working to hydrate and soften the hair, which helps tame your beard and reduce beard itch, but it also helps moisturize the skin underneath. The skin under your beard can be difficult to get to with regular moisturizers, leaving your face feeling dry and looking flaky, which can quickly lead to beard dandruff

But there are other benefits to using beard oil too…

The Benefits of Beard Oil

Tame Your Mane

Beard hair can grow scratchy and rough, with frizz and scraggly hair sticking out all over the place. A softening beard oil can soften and smooth texture, adding shine and taming unruly hair, so your beard looks neat and styled every day.  

Fuller-Looking Scruff

By adding moisture and taming hair, beard oil can make your beard look fuller and healthier. Come on dudes, who doesn’t see a bro with a luscious, full beard and immediately get beard envy?

Beard Cologne

No amount of cologne can make a stinky beard smell good. First, you need to wash your beard, but the second most important thing is getting a beard oil that smells amazing. Rubbing that all up in your beard will have it smelling great all night long.  

Support Hair Growth

Beard oil can help stimulate and promote the growth of a thicker, fuller-looking beard with stimulating ingredients that help nourish brittle hair that’s prone to breakage, exfoliate away ingrown hairs, and rejuvenates dormant beard hairs into active growth.

Ditch the Itch & the Flakes

Ditch the itch along with nasty flakes on your shirt with beard-boosting power ingredients that nourish your beard hair AND the skin underneath—all while promoting healthy beard growth.

Irresistibly Touchable

By detangling and softening hair, beard oil helps create the look and feel of a touchable beard. You (and your visitors) won’t be able to take your (their) hands off your face!

How To Use Beard Oil

The best time to use beard oil is after showering (and shampooing your beard) or after washing your face, preferably in the morning so that your beard looks styled and presentable throughout the day. 

With just a few drops in your hand, massage the beard oil into the skin. Starting with the skin, instead of just applying to the hair, helps the oil sink into the root of the hair so the beard-boosting power ingredients can get to work.

Apply the beard oil across each cheek in an upward motion, brushing the hair up as you go. Then, work the oil up your neck, through the underside of your beard and over your jaw, and finish by combing fingers through the remainder of your beard. 

Finish with a comb or beard brush to distribute the beard oil evenly throughout and style your beard for the day. 

Beard Oil vs Balm

Beard oil moisturizes, softens, tames, adds shine, and promotes a thicker and fuller-looking beard—so how is it different from a beard balm?

Beard balms, just like beard oils, help keep your beard looking man-ificient. The difference between these two mega beard products is their consistency and formula. A beard balm is a thick and creamy balm that melts into your beard the same way an oil would.

The benefit of a beard balm (that you don’t get from a beard oil) is a subtle holding power from the shea butter and beeswax that helps tame stray and wiry beard hairs.

Derm Dude Beard Oils

Our Mega Beard Growth Oil is loaded with power-packed ingredients like Avocado, Coconut & Peppermint Oil to help stimulate and promote the growth of a thicker, fuller-looking beard.

🌱 Promotes new hair growth

🧔 Specifically designed to help patchy beards

⛓ Promotes thicker & stronger beard hair

💧 Conditions & softens brittle beard hair

〰️ Shapes & tames unruly beard hairs

❆ Helps with flakey beard dandruff & itching

While our super softening Accelerator Beard Oil helps ditch the itch, fight frizz, softens beard hairs and nourishes skin underneath—all while promoting healthy beard growth.

🚫 Fast-absorbing & non-greasy

🌰 Packed with Jojoba & Argan Oils plus Vitamin E

💦 Moisturizes, softens & conditions brittle beard hairs

🙂 Soothes, calms & hydrates skin under beard

Check out our full collection of beard oil products.

Start using beard oil to soften your beard. It's good to be soft™ (when it's your beard).


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