Best Tattoo Shops in New Orleans

Best Tattoo Shops in New Orleans Derm Dude

Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, gumbo, and some of the most unique yet talanted tattoo shops and artist you can find - THAT'S WHAT'S UP, DUDE!!!

New Orleans is a city that’s world famous for its diverse culture & artistic flair, making it a great destination for tattoo collectors. Whether you're a local or visiting the city, this list of the top tattoo shops in New Orleans will guide you to the best places to get inked. From traditional designs to contemporary artwork, these tattoo shops house talented artists who can bring your tattoo vision to life with skill and creativity.

Electric Ladyland Tattoo

New Orleans Tattoo Shop | Electric Ladyland

Located at 610 Frenchmen Street in the French Quarter, Electric Ladyland Tattoo is one of the city's oldest and most esteemed tattoo shops. The talented team of artists includes Marc Da Sharc and Chris De Angel who specialize in bold and colorful traditional tattoos, as well as Erica Flannes who can do any tattoo style you wish but has a knack for ceremonial amulet tattoos.

Their experience and versatility ensure exceptional tattoo artistry. With a cadre of accomplished artists, each with a unique style, Electric Ladyland creates a diverse tapestry of tattoos that cater to individual preferences.

NOLA Downtown Tattoo & Piercing

Downtown Tattoo NOLA

Less than a 2 minute walk from LadyLand Tattoo @ 501 Frenchmen St, is Downtown Tattoos & Piercing Co. As you wander through the bustling streets, Downtown Tattoo beckons with its dedication to realism and emotional storytelling.

Among their talented artists, Josh Bodwell is celebrated for his prowess in realism tattoos. With keen attention to detail and a commitment to capturing emotions, Josh crafts tattoos that not only replicate images but also evoke feelings, turning skin into a canvas of lived experiences.

Another artist of insane talent on Downtown's roster is Jason Paul, a transplant from Los Angeles who has recently made NOLA his new home. Jason's artwork is sublime and his timeless designs pay homage to the roots of tattooing while adding his own unique twist.

EyeCandy Tattoo

EyeCandy Tattoo - NOLA

A long time fixture of New Orleans, Eye Candy Tattoo is conveniently located @ 1530 Magazine St, right in the middle of the Marigny neighborhood.

EyeCandy's resident artist include Jeremy Justice, Miranda Brouwer, and owner, Randy Muller just to name a few.

Jeremy Justice is without a doubt one of the most insanly talented whole body tattoo artist I've ever seen. His hand-crafted tattoo style is both colorful & bold, not to menton sought after by tattoo collectors from all over the state and beyond. Definitely check out ths shop if you're ever in NOLA.

Idle Hands Tatoo Parlour

Idle Hands Tattoo - NOLA

Located just a few blocks from EyeCandy @ 1815 Magazine Street, at the heart of the Garden district is Idle Hands Tattoo Parlor. 

Idle Hands combines reality & imagination through its artists' creations. Among them, Shawn Dubin specializes in illustrative tattoos, where elements of realism intermingle with imaginative storytelling; and the owner, long term New Orleans native and veteran tattoo artist - Flex Wenger.

If you want to make sure you're getting some kick-ass inkwork done by some true proffesionals, be sure to stop by Idle Hands - you won't be disappointed, dude!

Hell or High Water Tattoo

Hell or High Water Tattoo Shop - New Orleans

DermDude's 'best tattoo shops' blog series is never in any particular order, but if it was, Hell or High Water would probably make the top of this post! Formerly located in the lower garden district, recently relocated to 308 Magazine St.

High Water is owned and operated by the very talented tattoo & canvas artist Mecha-Mecca. Mecca also owns an art gallery and boutique that has monthly showcases for up and coming local artists.

Also known as "Fuck You Tattoo", Hell or High Water is a great place to check out if you are in the New Orleans area and wanting to get some new body art done!


Mid City Tattoo - New Orleans

Opened in 2008, on the corner of S. Jefferson Davis Parkway, Mid City is a beast of a tattoo shop that specialzes in traditional, portraits, calligrapy, tribal, realism and pretty much everything in between.

Mid City Voodoux Tattoo is the oldest, most established tattoo parlour in the mid-city area of New Orleans. With multi-talented artist such as Benny D, who specializes in black ink and grayscale masterpieces and the beautiful Kimmy K, who dispite her young age, is considered, by many, one of the best tattoo artist currently residing in New Orleans.


As you walk around New Orleans, you can see that the city's tattoo shops are a lot like its lively culture. They mix old and new, and they tell stories with their art. The shops we've talked about are like doorways into a world where tattoos show off creativity, feelings, and stories.

Whether you are a NOLA resident or a visitor; If you want to get some ink done - check out any of the above spots and you'll likely be happy with the outcome.

And remember to shop Derm Dude for all your Tattoo Aftercare Products and needs. Enjoy Dudes!

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