Best Tattoo Shops in Dallas

Best Tattoo Shops in Dallas

Hey dudes: If you live in Dallas or plan on visiting, you may want to consider planning your next tattoo. The Dallas tattoo-scene has been exploding with mega talented ink masters, skilled in all styles of design and creation for your living canvas.

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Here’s a list for some of the best tattoo shops in Dallas, Texas where you will find some incredible artists for your next tattoo!.

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Elm Street Tattoo

Elm Street Tattoo is located in the historic neighborhood of Deep Ellum. Known primarily for its art and music venues, Deep Ellum is a fun, jammin’ place to visit all on its own. Definitely worth checking out, even if (gasp!) getting tattooed isn’t on your to-do list.

Elm Street Tattoo is owned by Ink Master co-host Oliver Peck, a world reknown tattoo artist. Peck was a host and judge on the hit reality show from 2012 to 2020.

Peck is known for his deep understanding and artistic ability to create American traditional-style tattoos. This is the place to go if you are looking to get that style of tattoo from a real legendary Ink Master.

Lamar Street Tattoo Club

Lamar St. Tattoo Club embodies the visionary talent of Josh Hall, an esteemed American electric ink artist. As the premier destination in Dallas, they take immense pride in offering some of the most exceptional body art you can find in the heart of Dallas. Located in the historic Lamar district, their mission is simple yet profound: to craft designs that resonate with your unique vision and passion.
What sets LSTC apart is their unwavering commitment to setting a higher standard for tattooing. From the moment you step into their welcoming shop near downtown Dallas, you’ll sense a distinctive atmosphere that sets the stage for an extraordinary experience. LSTC's elite group of artists is dedicated to bringing your artistic vision to life, ensuring every client enjoys a transparent and authentic journey.
It’s no wonder why Lamar Street Tattoo Club has earned the title of one of the best tattoo shops in Dallas. I highly reccommend you to visit and discover for yourself why they have been voted us as the pinnacle of body artistry in Dallas.

Folklore Trading Co.

Folklore Trading Company is co-owned by TIffer Wright and Billy Weigler. Wright finished third on the eleventh season of Ink Master.

Tiffer Wright is known for his neo-traditional tattoos with bold colors and clean line work. His tattoos primarily showcase animals, especially cats.

Billy Weigler specializes in illustrative color tattoos and works extensively in black and grey.

The shop has many Japanese antiques and a very comfortable vibe when visiting.

Third Eye Gallery

Third Eye Gallery has a wide range of talent with a roster of nine resident artists. The most well-known artist is Jay Joree, who is often featured in Ink Magazines YouTube series.

Jay uses bright colors over extremely complex designs. His ability to create depth with colors while laying a geometric design over the top of a chrysanthemum with flawless execution is impressive. Be sure to make an appointment well in advance if you’re looking to get tattooed by Jay.

The Third Eye Gallery has many other talented artists and can create nearly any tattoo concept,from neo-traditional to black and grey to geometric patterns and script and everything in between.

Gold Dust Tattoo & Fine Art

Gold Dust Tattoo and Fine Art was started in 2010 by owner and resident artist Char McGaughy. The studio is crisp, clean, and comfortable.

McGaughy’s tattoos have won her several awards, and she specializes in black and grey, and photorealism.

The shop has a wide range of artists, most of whom only operate on an appointment-only basis, but they do often have enough artists available to accept walk-ins. Just be prepared to work with whoever is available.

Gold Dust and Fine Art also keeps a full-time piercer on staff.

Rebel Muse Tattoo

Rebel Muse Tattoo hosts over 20 artists in two locations, North Dallas and Lewisville. They’ve also expanded outside of Texas to Denver, CO, and Kansas City, MO.

The shops are owned by two couples, Liz and Cookie Cook, and Dave and Ellan Mushaney.

Rebel Muse boasts they can “tattoo everything from realism and portraits to Japanese, American traditional tattoo and everything in between.” Looking at their roster of artists, I believe it. The Lewisville location alone has fifteen full-time artists, and they also offer cosmetic tattoos.

Lady Magnolia Tattoo

Lady Magnolia Tattoo is located in Downtown Dallas in the Bishops Arts District and has a classic vintage vibe. The shop likes to promote that its pricing is fair and affordable, giving you access to high-quality custom tattoos that are normally out of reach for many tattoo lovers.

Owners and resident tattoo artists Bri Leflore and Alden Mills pride themselves on their clean and comfortable vintage shop. Customer service and providing a great experience are top priorities for them.. Lady Magnolia also offers tooth gems—a decorative stone mounted to your tooth or teeth.

Though Lady Magnolia Tattoo is a newer tattoo shop, all of the artists have solid portfolios with clean, bold line work and fully saturated colors. It’s a great place to consider getting a tattoo if you want quality ink but don’t want to break the bank.


Dallas, Texas, is a great place to get tattooed. It’s home to some mega talented tattoo artists , plus the city itself has a ton of other fun things to do between tattoo sessions.

Remember that if you’re serious about getting a tattoo, do your homework and familiarize yourself with the artist of each shop. Call ahead to see if you need to make an appointment. Iff you’re open to the experience of getting a walk-in tattoo, be prepared to get inked by the artist that’s available. And always be comfortable expressing yourself candidly to the artist. (Remember, real tattoos don’t wash off the next day)

Also remember to be prepared for the aftercare process by using our Tattoo Starter Set! You willneed to help heal and protect your new ink, and the best way to do that is by following your artists aftercare protocol and using high-quality tattoo-focused aftercare products such as our, industry standard, tattoo balm.

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  • Jeff on

    Rebel muse in dallas is the best.

  • CJE on

    I just want to ensure your audience that although Third Eye Gallery exterior images above makes the place look ‘seedy’ but this is a top-notch spot for getting tattoos in Dallas, every bit as good as Elm Street tattoo and better prices.

  • Samatha on

    Elm Street is my go-to spot for ink in Dallas. I’ve had tattoo work done by Carl Hallowell, David Steed, and Ian Jones – all equally great tattoo artists. Good luck booking Oliver Peck though. His schedule stays full and he is one of the most expensive tattoo artists in the world.

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