Best Tattoo Shops in Brooklyn

Best Tattoo Shops in Brooklyn Derm Dude

So you want to get inked up by the best tattoo artist in Brooklyn? Good news, dude. Because you have no
shortage of great artists to choose from that can totally slay with ink. In fact, NYC is so
booming with top tattoo talent for this blog, we decided to stick specifically to Brooklyn and will cover the other five boroughs in later post.

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To be clear, our list is made up of the top shops and artists we think should be on your radar. They are not ranked in any specific order since art is subjective, and opinions can and should vary. So with that out of the way, let's kick it off:

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour

Smith Street Tattoo Parlor - Brooklyn NYC

Smack in the heart of Brooklyn, Smith Street Tattoo rocks a seriously badass roster of ink masters, including Steve Boltz, and Bert Krak. Styles at this shop include traditional Americana, blackwork, and Japanese styles. These dudes book up so, as with most top artists and shops, make appointments in advance.

Flyrite Tattoo

Flyrite Tattoo NYC

Tucked away in Greenpoint, this chill tattoo studio hosts talented artists like Monji of the Horizakura family, known for his illustrative Tebori tattoos. Tebori is a traditional Japanese tattooing method done by hand, no tattoo guns, so be prepared!

Also on tap is the hugely talented Steven Huie, along with his style of vibrant neo-traditional designs. Looking for a shop with top artists skilled in creating custom tattoos from your own personal vision? Flyrite. Hit it.

Eight of Swords Tattoo

8 of Swords Tattoo - NYC

Art meets art in Williamsburg. That’s because Eight of Swords is a tattoo shop that actually doubles as a gallery space. Lead artist Dave C. Wallin heads up an all-star ink team, including Cody Lee Donahue, who crushes on bold and colorful illustrative tattoos, plus Linda Wulkan, known for her signature detail blackwork designs spashed with color. This is a great place to consider for a ‘permanent impression.’

Gristle Tattoo

Gristle Tattoo - NYC

Also located in Williamsburg, this tattoo shop has a deep soul. Gristle Tattoo is a vegan, eco-friendly studio like no other. Tattoo artist Natia and Ligia master up insane art, focusing on fine line work, botanical designs, and geometric tattoos. Gristle Tattoo also boost a kick-ass art gallery that is currently on hiatus but will hopefully reopen in the near future. Their dedication to cruelty-free, vegan inks and other sustainable tattooing methods makes Gristle Tattoo a solid choice for ink lovers from all over.

East River Tattoo

East River Tattoo Shop - Brooklyn

Located in Greenpoint, legendary tattooist Duke Riley is the pack leader at this Brooklyn ink pad. But if you’re up for awe-inspiring traditional black ink design, resident artist Maggie Cho will rock your world. If you’re seeking timeless and heavily detailed tattoos with a touch of cultural heritage, the East River Tattoo is a must-hit spot.

Hand of Glory Tattoo Shop

Hand of Glory Tattoo - Brooklyn NYC

This Park Slope shop offers clients a comfy, inviting atmosphere. Studio founder Craig Rodriguez is well known for custom designs bursting with color and a strong illustrative style. Other in-house artists include Dave Sinor, legendary for his sought-after oriental creations—great shop, top artists, and a top 10 Brooklyn spot for some new ink.

Allied Tattoo Shop

Allied Tattoo Brooklyn NYC

Allied Tattoo in Bushwick is a brilliant mash-up of mega-talented artists, each with their own unique style. Ink wizard Noel C. specializes in intricate, mind-blowing tattoos, while Brittany Goodman crushes in colorful Aztec like designs. Minimalistic tattoos? Geometric patterns? Custom ornamental work? Yes, yes, and 100% YES. The ink tribe at Allied Tattoo can bring your specific vision to life all over you.

Magic Cobra Tattoo Society

Magic Cobra Tattoo NYC

Magic Cobra Tattoo Society has two locations. One in Park Slope and one in Williamsburg. Check out Todd Woodz, who specializes in bold and vibrant traditional tattoos, and Christian Cervantes whose grayscale work is truly inspirational. The exceptionally talented team at Magic Cobra Tattoo Society thrives on creating custom tattoos and providing a unique, memorable experience, which makes them a sought-after destination in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn, New York, is flowing with exceptional tattoo shops and talented artists. Whether you're geared up for a new traditional Americana piece, some hyper- detailed blackwork, or any assortment of mind-boggling customized designs, these top tattoo shops in Brooklyn, listed above, have you covered (literally, dude).

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  • Jilly on

    Great list, but it probably should have included 3 Kings Tattoo – they have like 3 different locations, one in Brooklyn off Manhatten Ave. I live right above it!

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