Derm Dude Best Product Names

Derm Dude Best Product Names Derm Dude
Hey dudes:  
Drew here.
People send us a lot of questions, about every product & every topic imaginable.
But hands down, one of my favorite questions we get non-stop is….”How the F*^k do you come up with your product names???”  
I was surprised when this question first started coming in. But as the floodgates opened, I realized that, yeah, I guess we do use names for our products that do ‘stand out in a crowd.’
A few examples:

Happy Crack (Deodorant Spray)

I guess we could have just gone with ‘butt spray’, but where’s the fun in that?  Plus, what self-respecting dude wants a bottle called ‘butt spray’ sitting out on their counter in plain view? But there’s more to it.

We named it HAPPY CRACK because we wanted to bring dudes a product that keeps their ‘rear view’ dry, cool, fresh & smelling good. To us, this sounds like a very HAPPY CRACK.

 Other Derm Dude™ product names include:

Daily Head (Shampoo+Conditioner)

Really though - Who doesn't like Daily Head!?  Enough said?

So far, none of our customers have complained😉 and in fact, this is one of our top sellers for repeat customers.

Daily Head is our professional-grade 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, specially formulated to breathe life into your hair, making it appear and feel fuller than ever.

Enriched with a potent blend of all-natural volumizing nutrients, our formula not only cleans and nourishes your scalp but also promotes optimal hair health and natural growth.

Use it DAILY…for the best HEAD you will ever have. 😉.

Illegal Shaving Cream

At Derm Dude, we take our commitment to using skin-friendly ingredients seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun at the same time

thoughtFor example, our shaving cream. >>>> "Illegal Shaving Cream:  Shaving cream + skincare that really is SO f*^ging good it should be illegal"

Nuclear Balm (Tattoo Balm)

One of our most recent product to go viral on TikTok, Nuclear Balm Tattoo Balm is infused with an abundance of nourishing elements, bursting new life into your tattoos, revealing their vivid brilliance in an instant.

Nuclear Balm contains copaiba oil, considered helpful for healing wounds & soothing inflammation typical in new tattoos. Rosemary leaf extract is loaded with antioxidants that minimize the effects of aging, while toning and revitalizing your skin.

It's the ultimate all-in-one package – and when it comes to tattoo care, we've got it all!" 💪

BallGasmic (Ball-Wash)

This is the best ballwash on the market today. BallGasmic Sack Wash is the ultimate game-changer for your balls & your body, designed with detail for every... inch.

A soothing blend of activated charcoal and botanical extracts, create a hydrating, cleansing, and incredible-smelling experience.

Once you try BallGasmic Ball Wash it's sure to become a shower essential you & your balls can't live without."

Amaze-Balls (Ball Deodorant Spray)

Amaze-Balls is more than just a refreshing ball deodorizer mist; it's a confidence booster, a revitalizing boost that keeps you feeling fresh and odor-free, wherever life takes you. Simply give it a few pumps, and let the sack party roll.

BeardGasmic (Beard Shampoo)

BeardGasmic Beard Shampoo is a sulfate-free best-seller that goes way beyond normal cleansing. It's a rejuvenating powerhouse that banishes dirt and scrubs away flaky skin cells, while deeply conditioning your beard and the skin beneath. The result? A beard that's thicker, fuller, and enviable both in the shower and out.
And that's not all. BeardGasmic™ comes infused with the scents of cedar, sweet citrus, and warm wood. It's a scent that's as bold as your beard aspirations.

Happy Sack Nut Love Cooling Cream (Ball Cream)

Naming this product was a result of me actually using the final formulation for about a week and just sound boarding how it made me feel. I landed on the lengthy product title of… DRUMROLL… HAPPY SACK NUT LOVE COOLING CREAM!

Happy Sack Ball Cream is also viral all over the internet & TikTok. So show your sack some love (because, if you don't, nobody else will 😉).

Holy Foot Cream

 If you’ve ever inhaled an UNGODLY whiff of foot stank (yours or anyone else’s), you will know why it got this name.

Pamper your 'horrendous hooves' with our exclusive concoction – 'Holy Foot Cream.' 👼 This is more than just your ordinary foot cream; it's a powerhouse of antifungal, cooling, hydrating, and natural deodorizing goodness.
Packed with an abundance of natural actives, it's the secret to transforming dry, cracked tootsies into feet that will make you want to celebrate every step. 🦶
Ingredients Include:
👣 Arrowroot steps in to wick away sweat and moisture, keeping your feet dry and helping to prevent odors, fungus, and athlete's foot.
🦶 Lactic Acid lends its gentle exfoliating powers, buffing away calluses, splits, and cracks to unveil softer, smoother skin.
💪 DeoPlex® is your natural odor-eliminator, ensuring that perspiration's unwelcome scents are a thing of the past.
🍃 Aloe, with its anti-inflammatory properties, adds a soothing, cooling touch, bringing relief to tired and achy feet.

Other Derm Dude Customer Favorites

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Boozy Balls

Morning Woodsy Sack & Crack Pack

Balms Away Set

Power Beard Growth MAXX Kit

So take care of you and all your dude parts. As always, drop me a direct note, comment or question at

-Drew (Chief Dude Officer)



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