5 Ways To Prevent Meat Sweats

5 Ways To Prevent Meat Sweats Derm Dude

Meat sweats, man sweats, swamp sack, protein perspirations—whatever you call them, the intense wave of sweat you get after eating a gluttonous amount of protein-packed meat can make you feel, look & SMELL like you’ve just finished running a marathon. 

Sweat pooling under your pits & dripping down your balls as you scarf down a bad-ass juicy tomahawk steak or bacon-wrapped burger? #smellyballs. 

Here’s how to keep your cool & avoid the dreaded meat sweats.  

What Are Meat Sweats?

What are meat sweats? Are meat sweats real? What causes meat sweats?

Anyone who has experienced meat sweats before will be quick to tell you exactly how real they are & that you 100% never want to experience them. 

Seriously dude, who wants to finish a delicious meal by SWEATING THEIR BALLS OFF?

Meat sweats are the physical reaction your body has to eating large quantities of protein-packed foods (MEAT 🥩).  

Your body is working so hard to chew, process, break down, & digest the protein you just ate that it burns up so much energy (thermogenesis), & you actually start to sweat. HARD. 

Protein is the hardest macronutrient for our bodies to break down (harder than fats or carbohydrates), so a spike in temperature & subsequent sweating after a protein-packed meaty meal is normal. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re any less of a pain in the ass (or sack) to deal with. Here’s how to prevent the dreaded & stinky meat sweats…

#1 Eat Less, Dude<

The biggest reason you’re getting meat sweats? Because of how much meat you’re eating. Eat less, homey. It’s that simple. Take your protein portion down a notch & amp up the whole grains, healthy fats, & veggies, & you shouldn't have a problem with post-meal perspiration.   

#2 Take A Breather, Speedy!

Before shoveling down burger after burger, take a breather. If you’re someone who gets the meat sweats immediately after eating a big portion, maybe give it 15-20 minutes, but if you’re someone who will wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat (and not because you’ve got a visitor over 😉, try taking a few hours in between those meaty meals. 

#3 Pass on the Booze

While nothing beats washing a delicious meal down with a cold one (or 6 🍻), staying away from alcohol when you’re eating lots of protein can help avoid meat sweats. Just like protein, alcohol also requires a lot of energy to be metabolized, increasing the thermogenic effect & turning on your smelly sweat faucet.

#4 Exercise More

Exercising regularly can help condition your body AND your metabolic response. Plus, reducing your overall body fat helps decrease your basal body temperature, keeping things cool even when you turn up the heat with a lot of protein.  

#5 Prep Your Man Gems

Sometimes no matter how much (or how little) you eat, when you eat it, what you eat it with, or how in shape you are, you could still be vulnerable to meat sweats. You prep your pits for sweat potential, so why aren’t you prepping your balls

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Meat sweats have nothing on you.

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