5 Reasons Beard Oil is Great for Your Beard

5 Reasons Beard Oil is Great for Your Beard Derm Dude

Hey, Dudes! Listen up, 'cause I'm going to explain why beard oil is a must-have product for all of us beard-wearing Dudes out there. I’m talking DAILY use. No beard should leave home without beard oil.

So, what is beard oil anyway? First of all, a good legit beard oil is specially formulated with the right ingredients to make your beard look and feel amazing. It's made up of a blend of carrier oils and essential oils that work together to moisturize the skin beneath your beard and the beard itself. Here are a couple of reasons why every Dude needs a good beard oil in his life:

1. Keeps Your Beard Hydrated

You know how the hair on your head gets all dry and brittle if you don't give it some love? The same thing goes for your beard. And trust me, nobody wants a scraggly, flaky beard that looks like it's been through a sandstorm.

Personally I’m a huge fan of beard oil ingredients like Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Plant Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil & Sweet Orange Essential Oil, All of these natural ingredients are like incredible nutrition and hydration…for your beard!

2. Promotes Healthy Beard Growth

But that's not all, Dudes. Using the RIGHT beard oil also promotes healthy beard growth. Nobody wants a patchy, sad-looking beard that doesn’t grow right?. When you keep your beard hydrated and nourished, it's less likely to break and more likely to grow at a healthy rate. Plus, a good beard oil helps keep the skin under your beard clean, healthy and primed for new happy beard growth.

Pro-Tip: Use a beard roller with your beard oil to stimulate blood circulation, collagen, and elastin growth. A good beard roller is also a great tool for filling in patchy beard growth and making your beard grow in more full.

3. Reduces the Occurrence of Ingrown Hairs

Now, let's talk about ingrown hairs. We've all had 'em, and they suck. But did you know that using beard oil can actually prevent them from happening in the first place? Yup, that's right. By keeping your beard moisturized and the skin beneath it healthy, you can help prevent some of those gnarly ingrown beard hairs nobody wants.

4. Helps Reduce the Appearance of Acne

Did you know that your beard can trap bacteria and oil against your skin, which can lead to acne breakouts and other unwanted skin problems? But by using the right beard oil, you can keep your skin cleaner and healthier, which can mean less chances of bearded breakouts.

5. Smell Freaking Fantastic

And this last one doesn’t suck. A great beard oil makes your beard look and smell amazing. Who doesn't want a shiny, well-groomed beard that smells incredible when someone else touches, hugs or kisses your face?

So, there you have it, Dudes. The plain and simple obvious reasons why you need a great beard oil in your life. It keeps your beard hydrated, promotes healthy growth, can help prevent ingrown hairs and even breakouts, and makes you look and smell like  you are ‘open for business’. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some beard oil, and thank me later.


  • Levi on

    Love your beard oil, keep up the good work dudes!

  • Will on

    What is the difference of mega growth beard oil & accelerator beard oil? Is the beard growth oil unscented?

  • JD on

    I use the mega-beard oil that you guys sell and it makes my beard super soft and easy to brush – makes my beard shine too. The ladies love it!

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