Because my ‘beard’ looked like a monkey’s butt😂


Dudes: If you’re skeptical about trying ‘another’ beard product, you should be. There are tons of fakes, scams & BS fluff ‘miracle products’ being pumped up with phone model photos & nonsense.

These are my real photos and results. And I struggled to grow a beard most of my adult life until I started Derm Dude.

I don’t have a sales pitch or gimmick for you. All I can tell you is why I developed Derm Dude to help ME, how it worked for me and, by now, thousands of other dudes, and promise you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t get the beard and results you want.

Here are the Derm Dude beard products I use daily:

1. Beardgasmic Beard Shampoo

Our beard shampoo & conditioner is made for your beard & the skin under your beard. I.e., your face. For years I just used whatever normal head shampoo or body wash was in my shower but on my beard. WRONG! The skin on our head (i.e., our scalp) is very different from the skin on our face under our beards. This is why I was always dry, flaking, and itching with ‘beardruff’. Our Beardgasmic Beard Shampoo & Conditioner changed everything for me: NO MORE FLAKES, NO MORE ITCH.

2. Beard Growth Gummies

 BIOTIN is HUGE if you want a HUGE beard. Our Beard Growth Gummies have 10,000 mcg of mega beard-building biotin in every single serving. AND they taste incredible too!


3. Mega Beard Growth Oil


The name says what it does. It grows Mega Beards, dude! We use Japanese Peppermint oil (google it, dude), avocado oil, and other natural yet powerful ingredients to help facilitate the natural healthy beard growth every dude wants.

4. Beard Growh Roller


This lil puppy is so freakin’ impactful & I highly recommend it for every dude growing a beard. First, the micro roller head makes tiny, safe lil micro punctures. This helps unclog pores and improves circulation under & all around your beard. Plus, the tiny micro punctures help the Mega Beard Growth Oil absorb faster & more effectively into your skin. Which means? RESULTS.

Plus, our brand new Beard Growth Roller also now includes a FREE travel case. This is something dudes have been asking us for, and I am so glad we now have it. This case is perfect for storing your beard roller in a clean, hygienic way in between uses & of course, any time you travel or head to the gym.  

And remember to ALWAYS clean your beard roller head with a good quality Beard Roller Cleanser. Most of Derm Dude’s beard kits come with Beard Growth Rollers & Cleanser, or you can buy them separately on our website.


5. Boar-Bristle Beard Brush or Beard Pick


Don't forget to use a quality Boar Bristle Beard Brush or Beard Pick to help distribute oils & nutrients easily. I also always recommend a 100% peach wood, anti-static comb & I strongly advise against beard combs made of plastics or metals on your face and skin. You can get a beard brush & comb set here and ave the best o both worlds!


Reminder, all Derm Dude products have our full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Let's GROW, dude! & as always, thanks for the trust.



Founder/Chief Dude Officer


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    Glad I found you guys and your beard products – Let’s trade products for result pics! I left you my email -HMU

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