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The Derm Dude Story

Posted by Chief Dude Officer on

My name is Drew Plotkin and I started Derm Dude out of necessity. I got my first tattoo when I was 19 at Sunset Strip Tattoo in Hollywood, and I paid about $25. As I became a more passionate tattoo collector, they started costing a F**k-ton more than $25. If you think about it - Tattoos are basically an investment into your body and orerall appearance. Like most investments, if not managed and cared for correctly, tattoos will lose their value - or in this case, their brightness and vibrancy.

Drew Plotkin's First Tattoo

And so began my search for anything to keep my body-art looking new, bright, vibrant and healthy, especially as I turned 30, and 40, and now today, passing age 50.

I tried typical petroleum-based products along with the ‘magic potions’ and other tattoo aftercare products, usually marketed by clueless ‘corporations’ and peddled on reality TV shows.

A few years ago, I went on a life-changing tattoo journey to Bali. Just hours after finishing a 2-day epic chest tattoo by my friend and insanely talented tattoo artist, Balaz - I decided to hike up a volcano to watch the sunrise. While I did see the best sunrise of my life, my amazing brand-new tattoo was drenched in sweat, and coated with thick lava-ash. Even worse, I was flying back home in a few hours. I had to do something to protect my new tattoo and didn't have much time.

Itchy, scratching, and fairly certain I saw signs of tattoo a infection, I asked the driver taking me to the Bali airport to stop in the town of Ubud - Coincidentally, Ubud roughly translates to "medicine”.

I stopped at a shop and loaded up with a myriad of all-natural hydrating aloes, soothing balms, and moisturizing gels. My 24+ hour trip home became my own chemistry experiment - testing various mixtures and in-flight ‘tattoo remedies”. Whatever I did, it worked because the tattoo didn’t get infected and healed perfectly.

Derm Dude™ | Born of Necessity

Upon returning to California, where I’d spent 15 years working with high-end skincare brands, I was obsessed with developing an all-natural, no BS tattoo aftercare line for passionate tattoo collectors. It needed to help tattoos heal better, look more vibrant and brighter after every use, and help protect against fading from dryness, pollution and the sun. A full year later and endless tests, versions, and reformulations, Derm Dude™ was born.

As a general rule in life, I think rules blow. At Derm Dude™, we only have 1. Our ‘zero compromise’ rule. We get it 100% right, or we start over. We never compromise when it comes to anything we put on our own tattoos, our own beards, and our own bodies. And we would never expect you to either.

Our tattoos and beards are part of us, and they help tell our personal stories and life’s journeys. I’m excited to share the Derm Dude™ experience with you.

Enjoy the ride. See you out there, Dude.

- Drew Plotkin (Chief Dude Officer)

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  • Nicholle on

    I love how passionate you are about this!! Keep killin it 😎

  • Nicholle on

    I love how passionate you are about this!! Keep killin it 😎

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