PR: Derm Dude Teams with Power Slap Champion - Da Crazy Hawaiian

PR: Derm Dude Teams with Power Slap Champion - Da Crazy Hawaiian

Los Angeles, CA (December 20, 2023) – Power Slap Champion 'Da Crazy Hawaiian' and his mega beard have teamed up with men's grooming brand Derm Dude™. "The number one question I get asked is what do I do for my beard?" says the 400-pound slap-fighting star. "I tell people straight up. I use Derm Dude Beard Products. That's the only product I use or need for my beard."

Derm Dude is a viral breakthrough brand known all over social media for best-selling men's grooming products and hyper-edgy marketing. The brand's hit product lineup includes Happy Sack Nut Love Cooling Cream and Happy Crack Butt Deodorizing Spray, along with a rapidly growing beard line with products including Mega Growth Beard Oil and Beard Growth Gummies.  

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Derm Dude founder and Chief Dude Officer Drew Plotkin is a huge fan and close friend of 'Da Crazy Hawaiian,' whose real name is Koa Viernes. Plotkin shares, "I saw this dude slap-fighting on social media a few years ago. His beard was impressive already, but the man behind the beard was why I wanted Koa to be part of our Derm Dude tribe.

He has the heart and spirit of what the Derm Dude brand is all about to dudes everywhere." Viernes adds, "People look at me and notice my beard. But I use Derm Dude's body wash, shaving cream, and ball cream. Their products feel great on my skin, they keep me cooler, and my lady loves how they smell."

Slap Fight Champion Beard

★★★★★ 4.8/5

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Shortly before Da Crazy Hawaiian became the first ever Power Slap Super Heavyweight Champion, he opted to make a permanent statement about his passion and commitment to the Derm Dude brand.

"I was talking with Drew a few months ago, and he told me he was getting the Derm Dude brand logo tattooed on him. I said, I'm in. I want that tattoo, too. Now, when an opponent sees my slap coming at them, they see my 'DERM DUDE' tattoo coming straight for them!" says Viernes laughingly.

Plotkin adds, "This is why Koa resonates with our brand and audience. Because you can't fake REAL. This massive mountain of a dude is as legit as they come. He loves tattoos, he has one of the best beards on the planet, and I think everyone can agree he has mega balls of steel as a champion slap fighter.


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