Holy Smokes, Dude - Your Testicles Totally Have Taste Buds

Holy Smokes, Dude - Your Testicles Totally Have Taste Buds

Depending on what side of TikTok you’re on, you may have seen that trend going around where dudes dip their balls in soy sauce & claim to taste the umami flavor thanks to the taste buds in their sack-sational scrotal taste buds

While this was eons ago in TikTok years, we’re still over here wondering why anyone would put anything on their balls that wasn’t Derm Dude™?

Discover whether your testicles have taste buds & what that means for your next sushi order (Dude… we recommend skipping the soy sauce 😜). 

Fact vs. Fiction: Do Testicles Have Taste Buds?

Simplest trivia question ever: Where do you have taste buds? 

Your mouth, duh. 

BUT you also have taste receptors all over your body. In your digestive system, brain, AND even your a**hole! (We recommend getting through the hole article before you venture down THAT road). But the body part that went viral? Testicles. That’s right.  

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Do the Taste Buds on Balls Work? 

Yes, the taste receptors do work… but not in the way that you think. 

The taste buds in your mouth transmit nerve signals to the taste center in your brain, processing and interpreting the ‘taste’ into sweet, sour, salty, bitter, or umami flavors. 

In comparison, the taste receptors in your sack (& other areas of the body) don’t connect or transmit to the taste center. 

Not to mention that the taste buds on balls that we’re talking about aren’t on the outside; they’re all the way on the inside of your balls, so even if these taste buds did connect to the taste center, you wouldn’t be able to taste anything through your sack. Sorry to disappoint, dude.

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Why Do Testicles Have Taste Buds? 

So then, why do testicles have taste buds

Scientists believe that the taste buds in balls are responsible for sending signals to your body about sperm, testosterone, & fertility. 

The taste receptors work to identify & compound proteins in sperm production. Your testicles’ #1 role is to protect sperm production (We’re talkin’ DEFCON 1 priority here, dude). This means your testis need to be able to adjust sperm & testosterone production depending on substance exposure, which is monitored through these taste receptors. Did you have any clue your balls were working so hard down there? Maybe that’s why they sweat so much 😂.

To Dip or Not to Dip, That Is the Question

Our vote? Don’t dip your balls in soy sauce (or any other condiment, for that matter). Instead, we recommend applying the product with your hands rather than dipping your sack right in.

Just because you can’t taste our products doesn’t mean you can’t feel the cooling sensation or smell the ahhh-mazing scents. 

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❌ Just don’t taste ball cream ❌ 

Discover more products to dip your balls into.  

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