3 Cool 'Heat Wave" Tips

3 Cool 'Heat Wave" Tips Derm Dude

Hey Dudes: I hope everyone is finding some shade & other ways to stay cool & safe. At Derm Dude, we never miss a chance to have fun & tell a joke, but this current heat wave is something to also take seriously.

Here are some basic but often not-so-obvious tips and reminders to help all of us get through the scorcher without our sacks & other dude parts getting seriously roasted

Heat waves bring 'Swamp Sacks' to millions of sack-swaying dudes. Our Happy Sack Nut Love Cooling Cream keeps balls cool, prevents chafing & itching & banishes smelly balls.

1. Staying Hydrated

Drink Water!

Drink water, blah blah blah. We all know this, right? Guess not. Because multiple studies show that nearly 75% of all U.S. adults suffer from ‘chronic dehydration.’ Add a heat wave on top of a population already dehydrated & bad things happen to people.
In some cases, you die. Others can cause severe illness. Even if you don’t end up in the ER, think about what dehydration does to your skin, organs, hair, and breath. Dehydration is a great way to look like a squished grape & small like a monkey’s butt hole. (*I’ve never sniffed one, but I think we can all agree it’s not a desired scent).
👍Experts suggest that adult men drink 3-4 liters of water daily. The temperature where you live, your activity level, and your weight all impact this number. But it’s a great guideline.
👍The Pee Test: Watch when you pee. Nope, not a fetish (at least not in this context). Clear pee means hydration. Yellow, darker, and even brownish pee means dehydration. So instead of comparing swords with the urinal on your right or left, next time you pee, check your own stream. It could impact your hydration & health.

2. Cool Towels

👍Before you drop your hard-earned cash on all of the ‘cooling towels’ pitched on social media, try this FREE no-brainer. Take a few small hand towels from your closet (Your closet, NOT your dirty laundry pile, dude!). Run them under cool water, put them in zip-lock bags, and toss them in the fridge. Keep a nice stack of hand towels refrigerated so you have them ready at home & when you leave the house—no credit card or shipping fees needed.
👍The best areas to place your cool towel are ‘pulse points,’ which are areas where you feel your pulse because your blood vessels are so close to the surface of your skin. These ‘pulse point’ areas ideal for fast cooling include your neck, wrist, and neck, the insides of your elbows & knees, the tops of your feet & insides of your ankle where your ankle bone sticks out.

3. Keep our Balls Cool

👍Yes, it’s true that sweaty, hot balls are never in style or something we want. But heat waves make ‘Swamp Sack’ much more likely for millions of sack-swinging dudes. After your cool shower, dry off completely and use a product like Derm Dude’s ‘Happy Sack Nut Love Cooling Cream.’ Our ball cream has cooling and soothing ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, chamomile, shea butter, and avena sativa. This is a great way to keep your balls cool, prevent chaffing & itching, and avoid the unwelcome odor of smelly balls.


👍Remember, dudes, use common sense too. Try to get your outdoor workouts in early, before the hottest sun, or later when the sun drops. Stay in the shade as much as possible. Dial back on the booze & other beverages that speed up dehydration. And wear loose-fitting, lightweight, breathable clothes. (Don’t twist my words, dude. I did NOT suggest you streak naked across public parks for health and safety reasons.)

Above all else, Stay Cool, Stay Clean & Stay Hydrated.

 This has been a Derm Dude PSA. (Public Sack Announcement) 

Cheers – Drew 

Chief Dude Officer / Founder

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  • Jerry on

    The current heat wave in Reno right now is devastating. Last week three of my four tires popped while I was in walmart!

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