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I have told and will continue to tell people that it works, it’s better, more efficient, and more skin and beard caring than other brands. The price it’s just about right for everything . I have no regrets buying it, will continue to by this company’s product(s)


This stuff is the real deal best stuff I’ve bought online this year keep it up


Awesome I love all the products

Tim Turner
Best products I have tried

I can see a difference in the week I have been using the product and great customer service

Claudia Santoyo
The holy grail of all beard kits

My boyfriend has only been using this kit for a few weeks, and we've both already notice a huge improvement to his beard. He couldn't find a kit that helped tame his beard, but this kit has made his beard super soft (and flake free!) Honestly, my boyfriend's beard has never looked better. Love that it includes extra products + the trimmer all in one kit!

Tim Yeiner
I thought a beard wasn't for me.

I've had issues with growing a beard my whole life. About a month ago my girlfriend got me this kit for my birthday, and I decided to make another go at it. I wasn't expecting much, but something is different this time because my beard is starting to come in thicker and fuller than I ever. It's seriously a big difference and my GF is so thrilled. I don't know if it's just one product that's the key or all of them together that's making the difference but no way am I changing up the routine now. And the trimmer makes it all super easy to maintain, I'm so happy to be done with razors.


Smells good and detabgles my beard very nicely